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An Overview of Our Flexible Funding Opportunity

In August, we announced the 2023 round of Flexible Funding, which provides general operating support to nonprofits that benefit our region. The 96 applicant nonprofits funded were announced in December 2023. Learn more about the organizations funded here.

Through Flexible Funding we seek to provide unrestricted funding to support the day-to-day operations and sustainability of organizations, allowing you to focus on achieving your mission and creating a lasting impact. Together, let us work towards a brighter future for people, communities, and the entire valley.

Program Details

Flexible Funding will provide general operating support to nonprofits that benefit our region. There will be a minimum of $2,000,000 for this grant opportunity with a goal of awarding at least 75% of the funds to organizations aligned with the Foundation’s strategic focus areas. You can learn more about those areas here or take a self-assessment to help determine if your organization is aligned with this opportunity.   

Flexible Funding provides grants of up to $30,000. Funds must be spent by December 31, 2024. 

Eligible organizations must have IRS designated 501(c)(3) status or an established fiscal sponsorship.  

Organizations must substantially benefit residents in Franklin, Hampden and/or Hampshire counties. For organizations who are based outside these counties, we look for key indicators such as local staff, an office in our region, and/or programs solely dedicated to residents of our region. 

Funding cannot support the following: 

More about our Priority Focus Areas:

The foundation’s strategic vision serves as the cornerstone for establishing the priority support areas for Flexible Funding. Our aim is to fund organizations that work to increase equity and opportunity while demonstrating a strong mission in the following areas: 

  1. Racial Justice: Recognizing the urgent need to address systematic racism, we are seeking applications from organizations whose primary mission and activities are dedicated to this cause. We believe that working toward dismantling systems of racial inequality provides a framework for dismantling all other forms of oppression. We seek organizations actively working to combat racial disparities, promoting equity and justice, and creating pathways for marginalized communities. This grant opportunity is intended to support your efforts in fostering inclusive communities, eliminating systemic barriers, and advancing social change. 
  1. Accessible and more affordable post-secondary education and Training:  Education and skills training are critical components for individuals seeking economic mobility. We are seeking applications from organizations and institutions that provide access to learning opportunities for post-secondary learners, including trade and vocational programs, higher education, and skill-based training. This grant opportunity aims to support efforts in equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to meaningfully access the workforce. 
  1. A strong start for all children: From birth to age five, children develop more rapidly than at any other time in their lives. A strong start for children helps to set the foundation for their future success, health, and wellbeing. We seek to fund nonprofit organizations that that provide early childhood education and care as a core part of their mission, professional development for early childhood education providers, and direct cohort-based support related to parenting knowledge and skills. This grant opportunity is intended to strengthen the bandwidth, skills, and resiliency of those who provide care to children.  
  1. ValleyCreates, a vibrant local arts and creativity ecosystem: Art and creativity bring people together, create community dialogue, and inspire imaginative approaches to community challenges.  ValleyCreates aims to support a vibrant arts and creativity sector that is interconnected and collaborative, actively engages the full and diverse community with programs and artistic expression opportunities and is recognized as a force for economic vitality and civic engagement across the region. We encourage organizations whose primary mission and purpose revolve around creating and/or presenting cultural activities in the arts to apply. This grant opportunity is intended to support your efforts in promoting creativity and fostering community engagement. 

In addition to these focus areas, preference will be given to organizations with BIPOC leadership and where leadership is reflective of the communities that they serve. 

Questions? Comments?

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