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We get it. You want to make informed, thoughtful charitable giving decisions. That’s why we offer you variety and flexibility with the types of funds available to you, and customized philanthropic advice. From the immediate tax benefits of donor advised funds to the long-term support of field of interest funds, the Foundation provides an array of philanthropic options.

Let’s Work Together

You can support the organizations and causes you care most about today and after your lifetime, all while maximizing your financial and tax advantages. We can help you put your passion into action through a charitable fund at the Foundation.

It’s Easy to Establish a Charitable Fund

You have funds for other important goals like retirement and education. Why not one for giving? You can start giving with maximum impact today in three easy steps:

Pick the right fund for you
Options are available to fit any giving strategy

Choose how we invest your gift
Investment pools are designed to help meet your philanthropic goals

Choose what to give, and when
Nearly any asset can be converted into good — for today, or tomorrow

In all cases, we prefer to meet with you (and your advisor, as you wish) to learn more about your charitable and financial goals and review these steps. We can recommend the best giving vehicle for you.

The Right Fund for You

You have funds for other important goals like retirement and education. Why not one for giving? We have five options to simplify and amplify your philanthropy:

  • Donor Advised Fund
    Choose which organizations to support, and when
  • Scholarship Fund
    Make higher education possible for residents with financial need in our region
  • Field-of-Interest Fund
    Support the causes or communities you care about most
  • Designated Fund
    Guaranteed annual income for your selected nonprofits
  • Nonprofit Fund
    Nonprofits can create a lasting source of capital to support their mission

You can establish and name your own fund or give to an existing one; be acknowledged or remain anonymous. The choices are yours.

See our fee schedule by type of philanthropic fund.

Questions about funds? See our FAQs


Joanna S. Ballantine

Vice President for Philanthropic Services

Nigel Greaves

Nigel Greaves

Director of Development

How We Invest Your Gift (Wisely!)

Trusted stewardship, enduring philanthropic capital

For nearly 30 years, generous individuals, families and businesses have entrusted their philanthropic assets to the Community Foundation. The Foundation has a track record of strong investment performance across changing economic times. We seek the best possible return while avoiding undue risk — maximizing dollars available to fund critical work in our three counties today, while prudently stewarding and growing those resources to maintain an enduring source of philanthropic capital. Our investment decisions are guided by dedicated, expert investment professionals who serve on our volunteer Investment Committee.

Investment Options

How do you want your charitable gift managed? We offer five investment options to meet your philanthropic goals. We can help you give in perpetuity or retain maximum liquidity for immediate giving.

Quarterly investment returns, after being reviewed by our Investment Committee, are posted here. Note: Fund earnings are net of investment fees, and the Foundation covers the cost of our expert investment consultant.

Select an investment strategy that best suits your philanthropic goals.

1. Global Growth Portfolio

2. Bank of America Agency Portfolio

3. Socially Responsible Portfolio

4. Intermediate Term Portfolio

5. Short Term Portfolio

6. Recommend an Investment Advisor:

If the Foundation deems it prudent, newly donated assets to funds of $500,000 or more may be invested through an investment manager recommended by the donor. Each investment manager serves at the pleasure of the Trustees of the Foundation and the performance of each is monitored to make sure that portfolio assets and returns are appropriate.

Choose What to Give…

Nearly any asset can be converted to do good, often with tax and estate-planning benefits.

You can make contributions at any time, including online.

Gifting securities — public, closely held and restricted stock — can be a highly tax effective way for you to do more good.

Real Estate
Gifts of land, vacation homes, commercial properties and primary residences may be the most advantageous way for you to capitalize your charitable fund.

Tangible Property
From artwork to jewelry to antiques, you may have personal belongings that could be doing a world of good.

Retirement Plans
You can name the Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or make donations from your IRA into your charitable fund (except donor advised funds, which cannot accept IRA contributions).

Life Insurance
You can name the Foundation as a beneficiary or donate your fully funded policy during your lifetime.

Income from royalties and distribution rights can be directed into your charitable fund.

Private Foundation
Convert your private foundation to a donor advised fund so you can save money and focus on your giving while we handle the administration.

…and When

We can help you experience the joy of giving today, and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you and your trusted advisors about including charitable giving in your estate plans.


Consider a gift to the Foundation in your will or trust and join hundreds of forward-looking Massachusetts donors who have made sure their generosity continues forever.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Lead Trust

Charitable Gift Annuity

We’re happy to discuss your options with you!

Joanna S. Ballantine

Vice President for Philanthropic Services

Nigel Greaves

Nigel Greaves

Director of Development

The Philanthropy Team

With us you can expect personal philanthropic advising by experts who understand your giving interests.

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