You have funds for other important goals like retirement and education. Why not one for giving? We have five options to simplify and amplify your philanthropy.

You can establish and name your own fund or give to an existing one; be acknowledged or remain anonymous. The choices are yours.

See our fee schedule by type of philanthropic fund.

1. Donor Advised Fund

Choose which organizations to support, and when
A donor advised fund organizes all your giving through one expertly managed and cost-effective vehicle. You choose which organizations to support, how much to distribute and when. If you want ideas and advice, our team will provide them. Go online to recommend grants, see your giving history and learn about great opportunities. Grants can be made to nonprofit organizations anywhere in the United States. We help by vetting potential nonprofit grantees, handling the paperwork, and writing the checks. You can name other advisors who may join or succeed you in recommending grants.

2. Scholarship Fund

By establishing a scholarship fund, you can help make college more affordable for students attending two or four-year colleges or graduate schools. You determine the scholarship criteria, such as field of study or residence in a particular county, and we award scholarships to deserving students matching your criteria.

3. Field-of-Interest Fund

Support the causes or communities you care about most
Want to support organizations in your county? Or perhaps you are especially passionate about the environment, the arts or health. With a field-of-interest fund, the Foundation will carefully select nonprofit organizations that meet your criteria and award grants from your fund.

4. Designated Fund

Guaranteed annual income for your selected nonprofits
A designated fund provides guaranteed annual support to one or more nonprofits that you care most about. If the designee merges with another or closes its doors, your fund remains intact and grants are made to support the original mission, either within the new organization, or another.

5. Nonprofit Fund

Nonprofits can create a lasting source of capital to support their mission
Nonprofit funds are established by nonprofit organizations so they can create a lasting source of capital to support their mission now and in the future. Nonprofits can take advantage of the Foundation’s investment management, gift planning expertise with complex assets, and receipting of incoming gifts. We manage record-keeping and tax reporting. All of this frees your nonprofit to focus on what it does best in the community.


Joanna S. Ballantine

Vice President for Philanthropic Services

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Keith McKittrick

Director of Philanthropic Operations

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