It’s 2023 and we need to talk about the Census now!

Did you know that Census data directly impacts funding for many crucial programs in our community? Medicaid, housing vouchers and school funding to name a few. It also directly impacts major decisions around voting districts, civil rights laws, and funding for local infrastructure.

Join the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts along with the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center and the Massachusetts Voter Table, who will share lessons learned from the 2020 census and what we need to do to prepare for 2030.

We will highlight the direct impact this data has on critical programs for those in need in our community and what actions steps we can collectively take to make sure all residents are counted and that we receive the resources our communities need to thrive.

How Census data impacts ALL residents of WMASS
October 10, 2023
12:00PM to 1:30PM

Community Foundation of Western Mass Office
333 Bridge Street, Springfield

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