Your generosity has created over 500 hundred funds at the Foundation. Each one has a unique way of addressing needs in our region. Below are the most recent funds established in the last year.

Doris G. Robitaille Beauregard Scholarship for Nursing Students Fund (Hampden County) September 2021

BIPOC Arts Equity Fund (Boston) September 2021

Eugene F. Clancy, Mary C. L’Abbee and Claire C. Kane Scholarship Fund (Hampden County) June 2021

Mary D. Daboul Food for All Fund (Hampden County) March 2021

Bruce E. Docherty and Karen A. Kroll Fund (Hampshire County) January 2021

Richard and Bernadine Dooley Fund (Enfield, Connecticut) September 2021

Ann Errichetti and Mark Keroack Charitable Fund (Hampden County) November 2020

Local Energy Projects Fund (Hampshire County) September 2021

Lori Gaw Memorial Scholarship Fund (Hampton, NH) March 2021

Loren and Norma Hill Scholarship Fund (Hampden County) November 2020

Lisa A. (Wilson) Leary Fund (Hampden County) November 2020

Aaron Mendelson and Rachel Romano Veritas Scholarship Fund (Hampden County) September 2021

Steve and Moira Mitus Charitable Fund (Hampden County) March 2021

Mary Collins Moynahan Fund (Covington, Louisiana) September 2021

Roland C. Packard Memorial Scholarship Fund (Hampshire County) January 2021

Bernard and Rosemond M. Paine Scholarship Fund (Hampden County) June 2021

Talati Family Scholarship Fund (Hampden County) September 2021

United Bank Massachusetts Charitable Fund (Hampden County) January 2021

Katherine B. Wilson Fund for Staff Excellence (Hampden County) September 2021