Community foundations play an essential role in disaster relief and recovery in other parts of the world. As the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts strives to sustain the strength of our region, we remain open to monitoring opportunities in which we might provide donors information to assist in their support of our global community. Below is information gathered from other community foundations to assist in this effort.


Baton Rouge Area Foundation – Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

Greater New Orleans Foundation – Disaster Response and Restoration Fund

The Community Foundation of Acadiana also has three relief funds:

·       Acadiana Disaster Response Fund provides immediate relief to Acadiana residents affected parish, state, or federally declared natural disasters.

·       Realtor Association of Acadiana Disaster Relief Fund was created after the hurricanes in 2008 as a proactive measure, so that funds will be available in the event of another declared disaster.

·       St. Martin Parish Disaster Relief Fund is an endowment fund that helps parish residents recover after a disaster has occurred. 50 percent of all contributions are used to build an endowment, so the funds are available immediately following a disaster.


Community Foundation for Mississippi – Mississippi Community Response & Recovery Fund