Eligible and Ineligible Activities

Activities that are generally eligible for funding

Eligible activities are specific to each grant program. Please visit the grant page to determine which grant supports a particular set of activities.


Activities that are ineligible for CFWM’s grant programs

  • General Operating Support Grants. Exceptions may be made for very small organizations that are limited in scope and only operate one program.
  • Endowments
  • Projects that were funded by CFWM less than one year prior to the new application.
  • Retroactive funding for activities or expenses that have already occurred prior to the grant decision date
  • Fundraising events, the purchase of tickets for benefits, or courtesy advertising;
  • Projects that seek to directly or indirectly influence legislation or election campaigns; activities related to influencing government policies, permitting or regulations will not be considered
  • Higher education scholarships. Note: CFWM offers scholarships and interest free education loans to which individuals may apply.

Only in rare circumstances and with prior approval would CFWM fund:

  • Requests for academic or medical research
  • Replacement of governmental or other public funding; exceptions may be made for grants bridging periods before anticipated funding;
  • Multi-year funding