The Community Foundation grants over $8 million annually to nonprofits through a variety of funding and training opportunities. Some grants are awarded through a competitive grant application process, while others reflect an advised fund donor’s recommendation and in limited instances, a “by invitation” process. These grants all have a single goal: improving our community.

In 2017 the Community Foundation will offer a number of new grant programs. In order to help nonprofits better understand and access our resources, we have now delineated clear grant programs for specific “purposes.”

Organizations interested in learning more about CFWM’s grants can attend a public outreach session.  Our next session will be held on Friday, December 8th at the Berkshire Hills Academy in South Hadley. Please register here.

Nonprofits and individuals can glean information about specific grant offerings and programs by clicking on any of the programs below:

Mission (formerly Mission Standard)
Small Grants (formerly Mission Express) – coming in 2018.

We also support a 24-hour giving day, Valley Gives.

For application/registration  and submission/registration deadline for 2017 Grant Programs, click here.