Our Social Contract

Yesterday’s storming of our Nation’s Capitol was a searing breach of our social contract and an attempt to thwart our democratic process.  The violence didn’t happen in a vacuum. It wasn’t an aberration. We have witnessed countless acts of violence stemming from hatred, despair and mistrust in our country. We stand with many others, across all party lines, to condemn what happened yesterday. We assert our support for our democracy and our community.  Yesterday was a stark reminder that we cannot take either for granted, and we must consistently take action to ensure their health and strength.

CFWM is devoted to strengthening community, working together for the greater good by advancing equity, bridging divides, and nurturing understanding. Today, we re-commit ourselves to promoting collaborative and cooperative efforts which are the basis for civil society.  We are focused on developing systems where generosity flows and connections are deepened, and we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to be an anti-racist organization.

Strong local communities and neighborhoods are the foundation of our democratic society. It’s our personal, daily actions that can build or erode those communities. We encourage you to join us in responding to this violence by reaching out — to a neighbor, colleague, or stranger — with an offer of care and respect. These small acts promote connection and bridge difference, bringing us all closer to a more perfect union.

Katie Allan Zobel, President and CEO
Bruce Hiltunen, Vice President for Finance and Operations
Ellen Leuchs, Vice President for Philanthropic Services