Please note that the Community Foundation does not act as a fiscal sponsor on behalf of charitable programs or individuals.

The Community Foundation will consider requests from charitable programs that have a 501(c)(3) organization serving as a fiscal sponsor that meets our eligibility requirements. The organization serving as the fiscal sponsor must demonstrate solid fiscal and administrative capability.  If the sponsoring 501(c)(3) organization is determined not to meet our eligibility requirements or does not have a financial situation conducive to this role, the Foundation reserves the right to withhold approval.

Charitable programs seeking to be considered for a grant through a fiscal sponsor should submit:

The Community Foundation reserves the right to request additional financial documentation about the sponsoring organization to determine fiscally stability. If the above financial documents are not current reflecting the most recently completed fiscal year, the Foundation may request additional information such as:

Submission of documents: The above requirements must be submitted to the Foundation 10 business days prior to the deadline of any grant competition. Final approval will be provided by the Foundation staff once the documents are deemed to meet all criteria above. Please contact any of our Program Officers for more information about fiscal sponsorship.