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For nearly 30 years, generous individuals, families and businesses have entrusted their philanthropic assets to the Community Foundation. The Foundation has a track record of strong investment performance across changing economic times. We seek the best possible return while avoiding undue risk — maximizing dollars available to fund critical work in our three counties today, while prudently stewarding and growing those resources to maintain an enduring source of philanthropic capital. Our investment decisions are guided by dedicated, expert investment professionals who serve on our volunteer Investment Committee.

How do you want your charitable gift managed? We offer five investment options to meet your philanthropic goals. We can help you give in perpetuity or retain maximum liquidity for immediate giving.

Quarterly investment returns, after being reviewed by our Investment Committee, are posted here. Note: Fund earnings are net of investment fees, and the Foundation covers the cost of our expert investment consultant.

Select an investment strategy that best suits your philanthropic goals.

1. Global Growth Portfolio

Aims to generate maximum long-term total returns within levels of risk determined to be prudent by the Foundation’s Trustees. The Foundation invests in publicly traded U.S. and international equities and U.S. bonds exclusively using low-cost indexed mutual funds.

2. Bank of America Agency Portfolio

A highly diversified portfolio of assets with a keen awareness of risk. This balanced approach, consistently executed, reconciles the market’s often volatile nature with our focus on long-term, steady growth over decades.

3. Socially Responsible Portfolio

A long-term portfolio for those donors who believe that investments can make a positive difference on social and environmental issues. As in any investment endeavor that limits the scope of investments, this portfolio may tend to be more volatile than one that is able to diversify across the entire universe of investment opportunities.

4. Intermediate Term Portfolio

The Foundation’s most conservative portfolio, its primary objective is to provide relatively stable value with the potential for principal growth. Achieving market rates of returns with broad diversification and low management cost is emphasized.

5. Short Term Portfolio

The main objective of the pool is preservation of capital and current income.

6. Recommend an Investment Advisor:

If the Foundation deems it prudent, newly donated assets to funds of $500,000 or more may be invested through an investment manager recommended by the donor. Each investment manager serves at the pleasure of the Trustees of the Foundation and the performance of each is monitored to make sure that portfolio assets and returns are appropriate.

We’re happy to discuss your options with you!

Joanna S. Ballantine

Vice President for Philanthropic Services

Keith McKittrick

Keith McKittrick

Director of Philanthropic Operations

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