A Message from Our President and CEO to Our Community

Several months ago, I informed the Trustees of my plans to step down later this year from my role as President and CEO of the Community Foundation. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve my community in this capacity. This wasn’t an easy decision.  Yet as I started my 10th year as president in January, I felt sure there was another professional adventure waiting for me.  Knowing the Foundation is in a very strong position, with talented staff and Trustees who are devoted to the mission, is an affirmation that the time is right. While it is bittersweet closing this chapter for me, I know it will open up new possibilities for me and the Foundation, and that is a very good thing. 

Katie Allan Zobel, President and CEO

When I reflect on my time at CFWM, the overwhelming feeling is gratitude—for the honor to serve, for the incredible CFWM teammates who make the work possible and fun; for the heroic volunteers, grantee partners, donors and community caretakers I have had the privilege to work with; for what we’ve accomplished together for our community; and for the joy in seeing what I never knew was possible coming to fruition.  It’s a team of thousands who make this whole enterprise greater than the sum of its parts, and I salute and thank each one of you for making that real.

When I first arrived here, it was to take on a part-time, temporary consulting post.  I had made the difficult choice to step away from a job I adored at Amherst College and couldn’t imagine finding another opportunity that would match the fascinating and fulfilling 11 years spent there.  When CFWM President Kent Faerber called me, I agreed to help out for a few months. As you may have gathered, I never left. That was 17 years ago. 

Working alongside the most generous, deeply committed, caring and compassionate people, year after year, continues to astonish me. I have had the incomparable good fortune to spend countless days with people who freely give their time and treasure to strengthen our corner of the world.  What could be better?  I feel twice blessed. 

Our work to advance equity and opportunity for all who live in this region is urgent and cannot be paused, so what comes next for me will wait until the fall.  I will lead and support this incredible team until October and support the leadership transition in any way I can.  I look forward to continuing our efforts together in the days and weeks ahead.  

In solidarity and with deep appreciation,

Katie Allan Zobel
President and CEO