1 in 7.

That’s how many Greenfield residents are hungry, says Kirsten Levitt, executive director and chef of the Stone Soup Café. Housed in Greenfield’s All Souls Church, the Café hosts a weekly communal lunch for anyone who comes through its doors.

What if that one was you? How would you want your community to treat you?

Stone Soup Café serves 10,000 meals yearly to people who are food insecure. Grants from the Community Foundation and the COVID-19 Response Fund supported its work. During the pandemic, the Café is providing a curbside pantry and packaged cooked meals for pickup by people in need. Photo courtesy of Stone Soup Cafe.

If you wandered into the Café in the church basement on a Saturday, you’d be welcomed into conversation under dangling soft white lights. Live music may be playing.

You’d have choices of hot, nourishing, gluten-free food made from scratch. You could linger over your meal to chat with your neighbors.

You wouldn’t find prices on any foods, nor would you be asked any questions about your means. You might add what you could to the anonymous donation boxes.

If you wanted more than one meal, including one to-go, you could take it.

After the meal, you might join in chair yoga or a “Council Circle,” a practice of listening and speaking from the heart.

You would be heard and your belly would be full. That feeling in your heart? Dignity.