Matching Gifts

Securing a Matching Gift

Matching gifts to an organization do not need to be made via GiveGab.

Matching gifts are essentially an agreement between your organization and the person/entity providing the match. Your organization must be confident that if the money is raised via donations, that the match will be forthcoming. If this is the case, the match can be received by your organization via check, cash, or even a pledge to provide your organization with the money in a timely fashion following Valley Gives Day. Remember, your organization, not Valley Gives, is vouching that you have the match.

Note: If a matching gift is made via GiveGab, that amount will be included in the organization’s totals for Valley Gives. But any match made online via GiveGab will have the regular Valley Gives processing fees.

When Can You Add a Match
A match made offline (check, cash or pledge) can be made anytime, including on May 1. A match made via an online payment through GiveGab must be made prior to May 1.

Setting Up Match on GiveGab

  • How to Set Up Match – a regular match can be set up by selecting “Add Match Commitment”. “
  • Donation Start Time” can be any time starting on April 26, 2018 through May 1, 2018.
  • “Enable Auto Matching” should be checked.

Help From GiveGab
View a help article from GiveGab on managing matching gifts.

Prizes for Match
To be eligible for the matching prize, an organization must establish a match between $1,000 and $5,000. Organizations that meet their match amount will be entered into a pool for a prize. An organization may have as many matches entered into the pool as they have “matches that are met”. An organization can only win one of the matching prizes and the amount of the prize will equal the amount of that match.