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The Community Foundation provides technical assistance for Valley Gives.


You may also find more information and be able to engage in “real time” through the Valley Gives Exchange – a Facebook Group.

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How do I get reports on my donations?
From your profile page, there is a button for Links (upper left). During Valley Gives Day there will be a link for reports. You will be able to download all donation data (as a csv file). This information can be accessed for a limited time after Valley Gives Day as well.

When is the deadline for updating my organization’s profile information?
All changes to your organizational page need to be made on April 25. We strongly advise that any changes be made by the end of the work day since changes are not automatically reflected. The Valley Gives website is manually updated by Community Foundation staff throughout the day. The last manual update will be at 9:00 p.m. so if you’d like to see your changes and ensure the page looks like you want it to, please make your changes during the work day. (Technically changes can be made until 11:59 pm but these changes cannot be corrected if something is wrong)

Will real time donation information and/or the donations report be available during Advanced Giving or only on May 2?
Advanced donations will be processed on morning of May 2, therefore there is no donation available to report until then.

How do I log on to my account following “lock down of information”?
Now that all the organizational profiles are locked down and changes cannot be made, it is important to clarify why and how to log into your Valley Gives/Kimbia account.
Your account email and password still work. Use them to log into your account. From there you can get LINKS – to your public page, your reports and your embed form. You can also add/adjust your MATCHES. These options are on left side of the page. (look for the red box).  Notably, avoid warning that says that registration is closed. Just look to the left.

Where do I find the email address for donors on the Donation Form?

Column “J” has email address



Where is the donate button?
We have been fielding many calls about the “donate button”. There is no donate button but there are two options.

  • Donation form
    On the Valley Gives home page ( https://valley-gives.org/) and on your organization’s profile page, will be a donation form for donors to use. On your profile page, this will be above your organization’s information. Donors can simply complete the form and submit.
  • Embed form
    Your organization can embed a donation form starting April 25. This can be inserted into your organization’s website, Facebook page, etc. The link with the code for the Embed Form can be found on backend of your profile page – top left says “Links”. Copy the code to have your organization’s own embeded donation form.

Will Paypal work for Valley Gives?
No. Only credit cards will work for payment on Valley Gives website

Can payments give in advance of May 2?
Yes. People can donate starting on April 25. All donor information, regardless of when the donation is made, is available to the organization.

Will peer-to-peer fundraisers be available for Valley Gives?
No. These will likely be available for next year, Valley Gives 2018. The foundation was unable to implement peer-to-peer pages during our first year of working with Kimbia. We do encourage organizations to develop strategies that are build around people using social media to encourage their friends and neighbors. This can be done using Facebook and then including the link to your organization’s page.

Will organizations receive donor details or reports?
All organizations will have access to “real time” donation information through their profile page. This information can be exported for later use by the organization. You can run a basic donor report from the backend of your profile page.

How can I preview my page to see how it would look to someone visiting it?
Either go to alley-gives.org and search for your organization OR from your account page (the backend), look at top left for LINKS. That will display your publicly facing URL.

Are donation levels set or can organizations customize these?
Donation levels will be set for the entire Valley Gives platform so unfortunately organizations cannot customize these levels to be more organizationally relevant.

Can donors make recurring gifts over time?
Recurring gifts are not able to be made for Valley Gives 2017 (hopefully for 2018).

Can donations be made before Valley Gives Day?
Advanced giving for Valley Gives 2017, will begin at noon Tuesday April 25. This means that donors can go to the Valley Gives website one week early and make a donation. These donations will not be processed until early morning hours of May 2; donors won’t need to make an account to donate early. You can use this opportunity to develop momentum and build awareness around your Valley Gives campaign.

Is there a way to use other technologies to donate such as “text to give” or Venmo?
The only way to currently donate is by using a credit card through the Kimbia/Valley Gives website.

Can I change my match amount?
You can increase your match amount up until 11:59 on May 1, after that your match amount is locked.

How do I set up a matching gift?
Matching gifts are set up as a separate relationship between you and the source of the match. This is an honor system. Matches can be pledged or paid in advance. They do not need to be made through Kimbia but they are also allowed if you want to. Matching gifts can be as large or small as you want.

Do advanced donations count towards the match?
Yes. Any advance donations will count toward the match an organization may have. This will not occur until May 2.


Are the prizes for city/town and county based on where the organization is located or where the donor lives?
These are based on the residence of the donor. The organization receiving the original donation will receive the supplemental prize money.

Is there a baseline number for the “It’s All Relative” prize for percent increase in donors?
Yes. The Community Foundation will use your organization’s most recent number of donors to Valley Gives to establish the baseline for number of donors. Organizations that are new to Valley Gives will be eligible for another prize for organizations with no pre-existing baseline.

When will the prize amounts be available?
The prize amounts and number of prizes will be posted by the end of February 2017.
here a limit to the matching prize?


What is Kimbia’s Privacy Policy in regards to donor emails
Kimbia’s privacy policy can be found here. http://thekfoundation.org/privacy-policy.html





When will registration for Valley Gives 2017 close?
Registration will close for Valley Gives 2017 on April 16, 2017.

If we participated in an early Valley Gives (between 2012 to 2016), do we need to register again?
All organizations, regardless of participating in prior Valley Gives, will need to register annually. This enables us to make sure that the most accurate information about your organization is available to the community foundation and to donors.

Are trainings mandatory?
The Valley Gives orientation is mandatory. One person from each organization must participate or watch an orientation. If you are unable to attend an “in-person” orientation, you can watch the online recorded webinar.

Our organization uses a fiscal sponsor since we are not a non-profit registered with the IRS. Can we participate in Valley Gives?
Groups using fiscal sponsors can participate in Valley Gives. To register however you will need a signed fiscal sponsor certification form with your sponsoring non-profit organization and accompanying documentation (see here). For fiscally-sponsored organizations, your own budget, not that of the fiscal sponsor will be considered your budget size.

Can a 501(c)3 organization and an entity it is fiscally sponsoring, both participate in Valley Gives.
Yes. Both the sponsoring  501(c)3 organization and the fiscally sponsored group can participate separately in Valley Gives.

Can a program of a larger organization participate in Valley Gives?
Yes. If a program has an independent identity within the community, it can participate in Valley Gives even if the larger organization is also participating. You should specify this relationship when registering. The program will need to use the corporate information of the parent organization. For programs of larger organizations, your own budget, not that of the larger parent organization, will be considered your budget size.

I missed the in-person training and the webinar, how to I fulfill the requirements for the mandatory training?
The webinar will be recorded and the link is listed on the training page of this website. You may listen at anytime. http://communityfoundation.org/valleygives/trainings-2017/

What documentation must be submitted for fiscally sponsored organization?
There are 4 documents that must be uploaded to the registration form for fiscally sponsored organizations. These include: 1) CFWM Fiscal Sponsor Certification form; 2) Audited or reviewed financials for the sponsoring organization; 3) board resolution or minutes from the sponsoring organization; and 4) A fully signed copy of the written agreement between the fiscal sponsor and the sponsored organization documenting the relationship and the charitable nature of the undertaking. The written agreement can be a contract, Memorandum of Understanding, or a grant agreement. More info

Who is required to submit audited financials?
Only organizations who are fiscally sponsored will need to submit audited financials. The audited financials relate to the fiscal sponsor, not the fiscally sponsored organization. Audited or reviewed financials, mean that these are developed and reviewed by a third-party, external to your organization. Since not all organizations are required to have audits, reviewed financials provide a lower-cost way of having this third-party review.

Where do I send attachments for registration?
All attached documents should be uploaded to your organization’s profile page. Please don’t email them

What does a profile page look like?
Here is  sample profile page for Valley Gives.

Why can’t I see my organization’s profile page?
An organization is not fully registered until you receive a confirmation email. Before receiving this confirmation, you must complete the web registration form and then the Community Foundation and Kimbia must review this information. Once this is done, you will receive an approval confirmation. At this point, you may log into your account to see and edit your organization’s profile page.

How are organization budget sizes determined?
At the close of registration, budget sizes will be determined and assigned to each organization. This cannot be determined until we know the number and type of organizations that have registered. You do not do anything; these will be assigned automatically. For programs of larger organizations or fiscally-sponsored organizations, your own budget, not that of the larger parent organization, will be considered your budget size.


Where do I log in to edit my organization page
You can log in with your email and password at: https://givingday.kimbia.com/login

How can I reset my password?
If you’ve forgotten your password and need to re-set it, or if you don’t know the email associated with the account, click here: https://givingday.kimbia.com/external/lookup/81c7936563926ff8e71339fdde1fe989

How do I edit “My Story” section of the profile page?
The “My Story” is where you can put the compelling information that you want donors to see. This field can be formatted but it must be done using HTML. Some basics would include: making text bold, creating a Return (new line), creating a link or adding an image. See here for HTML basics. Its not that hard (and sorry for any hassle)

How do I find the URL for my publicly facing profile page (the one donors will see?)
At the top left of your profile page, you will see a Links box. When you click on that you will see the URL for your public page

I made changes but I don’t see them on my page?
The Kimbia profile pages do not automatically update. Staff at CFWM need to “publish” the page for updates to appear (like new images you posted or Our Story text). We try to update at least one time a day but many times we do this frequently throughout the day. If you don’t see you change, just wait and once the website is published it should appear.

Is there a point where I cannot change my information?
April 25 at 11:59pm is the deadline for changes. After that, you can only change your match amount.

How much space is allowed for “Our Story” section
The total space allowed for Our Story section is 2047 and that includes spaces. IMPORTANT: If you exceed this number you will get an error. If you save with an error, you page will be temporarily unpublished you will lose access to seeing it. You will need to contact the foundation and then reduce the length of this field.




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