Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to apply for scholarships and loans?

What are common problems encountered when applying?

What if a does not have internet access or a computer at home to submit the online application?

Can students reapply each year?

What is a FAFSA and where is it available?

What is a Student Aid Report (SAR)?

Do students have to send an official copy of their transcript?

Can students send a photocopy of their academic transcript?

Is there a required essay on the application?

Are only those students who live in the Pioneer Valley eligible for scholarships and interest-free loans?

Are part-time students eligible?

Are scholarships and loans available to graduate students?

Must a student attend a college or university in Massachusetts?

How are recipients selected?

When are decisions made?

What is the maximum amount of scholarships and loans a student can receive from the Community Foundation of Western MA?

What expenses can scholarships cover?

Will a Community Foundation scholarship affect a student’s financial aid package?

How does a student receive their scholarship and/or interest-free loan award?

What if a student withdraws or attends only one semester in an academic year?