Applying for Scholarships & Interest-Free Loans

Calling this year's scholarship awardees! If you haven't already turned your form in to accept your scholarship, it's not too late. Get it to us soon so you can use it for college this year.Our Scholarship and Loan application opens on January 1 and closes March 31. We do not accept applications and/or supplemental materials after the deadline.


  1. Complete and submit the online application.
  2. Upload your most recent academic transcript to your online application. To be complete, your transcript must contain the information below:
    • Your name,
    • The name of your high school, college, or university, (if you provide us with a copy of your transcript from a student portal and it does not include the name of your college, university, or high school, it must clearly show the name in a url),
    • All classes you have taken with the grades you received in each class,
    • Courses you are currently taking but haven’t yet received a grade,
    • Classes you are registered for but haven’t yet taken (this may not apply to some students),
    • Your cumulative GPA for all your classes taken to date. (If your high school, college or university does not calculate GPA we will accept it).
  3. Upload all pages of your 2020-2021 Student Aid Report (the document you receive, usually by email, once you complete the FAFSA).

Click here to see a sample Student Aid Report

*** NOTE: Sometimes students upload incorrect documents with their application and don’t realize it. If this happens, and you don’t resubmit accurate information by the deadline, your application is considered incomplete and won’t be considered for scholarships and loans. We encourage you to follow up with us at to be sure your application is complete on time.

Our Timeline:

Please note: this timeline may change

January 1: The online application opens, and you can apply.

April 17: The online application closes.

April-June: Scholarship and Loan recipients are selected.

Later June: Applicants are notified if they did or did not receive a scholarship.

Summer: Scholarship recipients must return forms necessary to receive their scholarships.

August: Loan recipients are notified and sent paperwork to complete.

August/September: Loan recipients are sent payments.

September: We verify if recipients are enrolled in their college or university.

If you decided to attend a different college than the one you entered on your application make sure you let us know of that change either on the form you return when you accept your award or as soon as possible afterward so we can make sure we are checking your enrollment status with the correct institution.

October/November: Scholarship money is sent directly to your college or university.

updated: 6/9/2020