Innovation Grants 2018

Programmatic Intent

Innovation Planning grants provide early stage funding to nonprofits for emerging ideas, initiatives and/or new collaborations that can substantially impact or provide measurable progress toward solving a significant challenge in the Pioneer Valley.

Innovation Implementation grants support funding to nonprofits for the implementation of focused and attainable strategies that evolved from the planning grant process and that have the potential to demonstrate high impact results, with measurable qualitative and quantitative outcomes.

Closed. The current multi-year grant cycle is underway.

Applicant Eligibility

  • To view overall eligibility guidelines for applicant organizations please click here.
  • Additional Innovation programmatic eligibility guidelines include:
    • Innovation grant recipients may apply for other CFWM grants; preference will be given to non-Innovation grantees.
    • All potential Innovation grant applicants must schedule and complete a phone call with the Innovation Program Officer at least 10 days prior to the Innovation grant submission deadline.

Funding Criteria

Innovation grants must meet the following criteria:

  • The proposal must be innovative: a breakthrough in addressing a community need or opportunity that is more effective, equitable, or sustainable than existing approaches;
  • The project has the potential to make a significant impact and sustainable difference for a target population in the Pioneer Valley;
  • The project must demonstrate a collaborative effort with partners willing to share ownership and decision-making as they pursue an innovation together.
  • The project plan must be thoughtful and realistic and address an identified community need;
  • The proposal must demonstrate the capacity to execute the work effectively and have a plan to meet the needed capacity;
  • The short, medium and long-term outcomes of the implementation grant need to be measurable with a clear plan for collecting data to guide the evaluation of the project;
  • The proposal should show some initial thinking about how to support and sustain outcomes beyond the CFWM implementation funding.

Ineligible Activities

  • Please click here to view activities that are ineligible for funding from any of CFWM’s grant programs.

Available Funding

  • Grant range: Not available at this time
  • Duration of grants: Not available at this time

Grant Process

  • All applicants must schedule a discussion with the program officer for Innovation 10 days prior to the grant submission deadline.
  • Applications must be complete including all correct attachments at time of submission.

Important Grant Dates

  • Application opening: Closed at this time
  • Submission deadline:
  • Reviews/site visits:
  • Notification to applicants:

Application and Related Material


  • For grant FAQ’s, please click here.

Contact Info

Innovation Program Officer, Nicole Bourdon at