Mission Value Statements

Our Vision

The Community Foundation is a catalyst for positive change in the region; engaging partners, raising flexible endowment, leveraging resources to solve problems and contribute to the common good.

We envision a Western Massachusetts that is thriving, collaborative and generous, where there is opportunity for all.

We take an intentional, results-driven approach and see ourselves as a hub for civic engagement and as a permanent resource.

Our Mission

The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts seeks to enrich the quality of life of the people of our region by:

  • Encouraging philanthropy
  • Developing a permanent, flexible endowment
  • Assessing and responding to emerging and changing needs
  • Serving as a resource, catalyst, and coordinator for charitable activities
  • Promoting efficiency in the management of charitable funds

Our Values

Bold and Innovative:

We believe it often takes bold and innovative thinking and action to find the imaginative solutions that spark lasting change.


We believe we are stronger working together in order to leverage the resources of diverse partners and maximize our organizational capacity and community impact.

Fair and Equitable:

We believe fairness and equity develops an environment of trust and respect with just, transparent and inclusive systems that lead to more effective practices.


We believe integrity is at the heart of a relationship where commitments are honored and the spirit of generosity can be nurtured.


We believe thinking and acting strategically keeps us focused and efficient, moving intentionally toward an agreed upon vision.