For Nonprofits Serving the Pioneer Valley

Funding Application for COVID-19 Response Fund for the Pioneer Valley

Some very good news: We expect to have more grant dollars available to nonprofits in the coming weeks thanks to the continuing generosity of individuals, businesses and foundations within and outside of our region.

As you know, to date we haven’t used an application for our COVID grantmaking. That has enabled us to quickly distribute $3million to 84 local nonprofits that are responding to the urgent needs—food, shelter, safety, health—of our region’s most vulnerable people.

Though our funding priorities remain the same, a new system will help facilitate our grantmaking. That includes a new short-form application. If you are serving our current priority populations; and are in need of emergency grant funding related to the COVID crisis, please complete this application.

Some critical points about the application:

  • This is a rolling submission initiative. There is no deadline. You may submit an application at any time over the coming months.
  • We will continue to award rounds of COVID grants every 1-2 weeks.
  • Once you apply, you will be considered in all of our subsequent COVID grant rounds. There is no need to resubmit.
  • Please only submit a second application if a new need arises or your organization has significant changes to services or programs.
  • After completing the online application, you’ll receive a message on the screen letting you know that your application has been submitted. This will be your ‘receipt.’
  • We’re sorry we can’t personally be in touch with each applicant that doesn’t receive grant funding. But be assured that we will carefully review and consider each application.

Complete Application Here

We know you are managing a lot right now. Thank you for taking the time to provide the additional data we need to make grants as efficiently as possible.

Katie Allan Zobel, President and CEO
Jim Ayres, Vice President for Programs and Strategy
Sheila Toto, Senior Program Officer
Nicole Bourdon, Program Officer
Margaret Everett, Grants Administrator Associate

updated: 5/22/2020