Programmatic Intent

The goal of the ValleyCreates grants is to help strengthen and connect the diverse community of arts and creativity nonprofits in the Pioneer Valley, by providing new opportunities for collaboration.

ValleyCreates Planning Grants seek to:

  1. Create meaningful change in the Valley through the arts
  2. Strengthen connections
  3. Foster collaboration
  4. Promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity

ValleyCreates first provides a planning grant to collaborations of three or more partners, to give time and resources to advance their idea to the point where, if selected, the applicants could begin implementation of their project in a timely manner. Planning grant grantees will have a period of 5 months to get their idea closer to an implementation stage. Activities over the 5-month period might include: information gathering, recruiting new partners, convening community members and potential audiences, and other activities that help advance the collaboration’s understanding of the project.

Implementation grants will be awarded through a competitive application process, to those who received a planning grant. It is understood that not all projects will receive funding for implementation.

Funding Information

Planning Grants: There is a total of $80,000 available for the ValleyCreates Planning Grant Program. Grant requests may range between $5,000 and $10,000 and up to 10 awards will be made (nine awards were made in 2019).

Implementation Grants: There is a total pool of $80,000 available in implementation funding, however, CFWM seeks to add to that funding pool by seeking co-investment from interested donors.

Funding Preference

CFWM gives preference to applications that incorporate the following:

Grant Process

The application process for a ValleyCreates Planning Grant will have three distinct steps:

  1. Screening phone call with program officer
  2. Submission of video application (see below for video application details)
  3. Submission of online documentation (only selected applicants will proceed to Step 3)

Applicant Eligibility

Video Application Details

Applications will be in the form of an uploaded video. The video should have sufficiently clear audio and must address the following questions:

Ineligible Grant Activities

Please contact us for a list of activities that are ineligible for funding from any of CFWM’s grant programs.

Additional Information:

Grantees will be required to:

Application / Materials & Resources 

Application is currently closed.

Event and planning materials

Nicole Bourdon

Questions? Comments?

Please reach out to Nicole Bourdon, ValleyCreates Program Officer