Video Projector/Laptop Loan Program

The Foundation offers a laptop computer and a video projector for loan to nonprofit organizations based in Hampden, Hampshire, or Franklin counties. They may be borrowed separately or together, enabling digital presentations using standard Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) or web-based presentations.

Loan Guidelines:

  1. We do not charge for the loan of these items, but the borrowing agency will be responsible for any damage or loss which occurs while under loan to it. This does not include replacement of the projector bulb, which will be the Community Foundation’s responsibility. This equipment is expensive and somewhat fragile, so this responsibility is not trivial.
  2. The Community Foundation does not offer any guidance for technical operation of the equipment. This projector has successfully shown files on this laptop, but that does not necessarily mean it can show your file, or that the projector will work with all computers. We encourage you to test your hookup before your presentation. This laptop is loaded with Microsoft 365 software, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and a limited number of relatively standard software products only. It does not support Mac platform or applications; If other software is loaded onto the laptop, it is at the borrower’s risk, and should be uninstalled for licensing purposes by the borrower after its use. Laptop/ projector does not come with PowerPoint remote.
  3. The loan of each of these items is strictly limited to 72 hours to ensure accessibility for other organizations. This will enable borrowers an opportunity to test the projector in advance, but will not offer enough time to allow for composing / creating a presentation on the laptop. The other computer can then be connected to this projector, or the file can be loaded onto this computer via a CD-Rom disk or Flash Drive.
  4. Borrowed equipment must be picked up and returned to the Community Foundation’s office during normal business hours, excluding holidays. (Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00).
  5. Borrowers’ files should be deleted before returning the laptop. Community Foundation staff upon return of the laptop will delete any remaining files. Borrowers should arrange to keep their own copies of their files.
  6. The equipment will be loaned on a first-come, first served basis, and reservations must be made in advance by completing the form below. We cannot guarantee availability on the date requested.

The Community Foundation have the following equipment available:

1 Laptop:

Dell Inspiron 5559
Windows 7
HDMI Output
CD/DVD Reader
SD Card Reader
Ethernet Port
USB Mouse + Mat included

1 Projector:

Optoma TX542 DLP Projector
VGA Input (VGA Cable included)
HDMI Input (HMDI Cable included)

Please fill out the form below.

Laptop / Projector Loan