Why My Leaderboard Doesn’t Agree with My Donation Totals

Many of you want to know why the leaderboard total does not agree with the donation totals on your dashboard and in your records. Here is the answer.

Since its inception, Valley Gives has been an online event. It was started, in part, to help organizations learn to be more effective at online fundraising. It was 2012 after all. For 2012 through 2017, offline donations were not even possible. So they were not seen in leaderboards and people could not get credit for checks and cash receipt (although CFWM fully supported your organization getting money in any form).

This year with GiveGab, we learned late in April that organizations and peer fundraisers could add their own offline gifts. Since CFWM could not track or verify this, we were not supportive but the functionality could not be removed. This meant that for Valley Gives 2018, there were 3 types of offline donations possible

1. The first type are donations from CFWM Donor Advised Funds. In 2017 and 2018, holders of these funds could direct the CFWM to make a donation. This ultimately means CFWM writing a check to the organization. So while the organization would see this donation and we counted them for prizes, they were not shown in the leaderboard.

2. For those organizations that had a match, GiveGab allowed your organization to get offline donation credits each time someone donated; it would generate a partner offline donation from the match. For example, if someone donated $25 to your organization with a $1000 match, that donation would trigger a $25 offline donation from the $1000 match. This was not real money and it never got process. Again, it is not shown on the leaderboard.

3. In some instances we understand that an organization or its peer fundraisers might have added an offline donation themselves. This is possible but not obvious on the GiveGab site. If this happened, there is no way to verify it, so it was not counted towards prizes and didn’t show on leaderboard.

SO, if you take your advertised total and subtract the amount on the leaderboard for your organization, most likely the result will be equal to the sum of the offline donations above.

Hope that helps.