What is a “Unique Donor”?

For purposes of prizes and donations, it is important to clarify what a unique donor is.

A core goal of Valley Gives is to increase the number of individuals who donate in the Pioneer Valley. Therefore some Valley Gives prizes are awarded based on donations collected from “unique donors” or “individuals”.

For the purposes of these tallies, we consider a “unique donor” to be:
● An individual person donating under their own name

We do not consider the following to be “unique donors”:
● A donor giving on behalf of, in honor of, or in memory of someone else
● A child or youth under 18 (as they cannot legally make a credit card donation in their own name)
● A company or organization

Sometimes we encounter donations coming from similar looking addresses, email addresses, last names, etc. In these cases, we look closely to determine if these gifts are coming from one individual, or from separate but similar seeming individuals. We use our best judgment to arrive at a correct tally for prize purposes.