Tips When Registering

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Please begin the Valley Gives 2018 registration here.
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Information to Know Before Registering

  • What type of organization are you affiliated with?
  • What documentation is required for Valley Gives participation for that type of organization?
  • Who will be the Valley Gives contact for your organization?
  • If your organization was a 2017 Valley Gives participant, who was your Valley Gives contact?
  • What email address will you use for Valley Gives login? If your organization was a 2017 VG participant, do you have access to the listed email account? You may change the VG contact email during the renewal process but not afterward.

Completing Registration Fields

My Story field. *This is most important.* This field is not currently available; it is being undergoing improvements. It will be available the third week of March. When available, this will be where you provide the compelling information to donors about your organization or project. If you have already completed this field,  the contents may be lost and you may need to re-enter the Our Story information you provided.

Valley Gives Contact Name field. This should be reviewed by all registering organizations. Please note that unlike last year, there are no longer separate First and Last Name fields.

YouTube Video field. This field no longer requires the YouTube “embed code”. Rather simply include the URL on YouTube. Unlike last year, videos can run on Valley Gives Day.

Image files (photos). As part of our upgrading process, how images appear may change. Please make sure that you have a copy of any photo image you upload just in case.

Organizational budget category. This will be automatically calculated after all organizations are registered in March.