Registration Guidance

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Please begin the Valley Gives 2018 registration here.
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Information to Know Before Registering

  • What type of organization are you affiliated with?
  • What documentation is required for Valley Gives participation for that type of organization?
  • Who will be the Valley Gives contact for your organization?
  • If your organization was a 2017 Valley Gives participant, who was your Valley Gives contact?
  • What email address will you use for Valley Gives login? If your organization was a 2017 VG participant, do you have access to the listed email account? You may change the VG contact email during the renewal process but not afterward.

Registration Changes for Valley Gives 2018

The fields for organization names have been switched. The names from VG 2017 organizations are still in the system but this year the name the organization is commonly known as will be the one that can be found in the primary search and will be viewable in the multiple donation search form. This should make finding and donating to your organization easier than last year. Please check this information so that donors can find you.

Videos no longer need for YouTube an embed code – just the URL. Video can run on Valley Gives Day.

Organizational budget size will be automatically calculated by Kimbia based on parameters provided by CFWM. We will update your records prior to VG Day

VG Contact name field is no longer separate First and Last Name fields. This will let Kimbia look up contacts more easily in their backend.

By mid-January all text fields will get basic formatting. This is especially pertinent for Our Story field. Please do not complete this field until the upgrade happens; you will be notified.