Payment Information

There are two types of payments that organizations can receive.

Payment for Donations
These will be distributed by The Kimbia Foundation (the K Foundation). These will be sent by check by June 15, 2017. Checks will be sent to the organization that has the official 501c3, NCES# or other designation recognized by the IRS. Entities are that are fiscally sponsored should check with that organization to get your checks. Payments will be for the total donated minus any processing fees (5.99%)  that were not covered by the donors. The K Foundation does not use Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT).

Please note that organizations will have access to their donor reports through December 2017

Payment for Prizes
These will be distributed by the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. They are essentially grants from the Foundation to your organization. These will likely be sent during June; we hope/expect to get these to organizations before June 30 since that is the end of the fiscal year for many organizations. There is no processing fee for these payments.

If you have a payment/processing question, please be patient. Later in May or early June, you can contact Margaret Everett at