Messaging for VG

Creating Effective Talking Points for Valley Gives 2018

We’re in the final stretch of prepping for Valley Gives 2018! It’s time to step up your game to show your donors WHY they should support YOUR organization with their hard-earned dollars.

We’ve collected the following core messages to help you craft your mission into an important, compelling story.

Suggested Messages

-Valley Gives 2018 improves the quality of life in the Pioneer Valley.

– Love the Valley? Give back.

– Valley Gives 2018 supports nonprofits and other charitable organizations in the three counties of the Pioneer Valley – Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin.

– We want to reach even more people for Valley Gives 2018! When more people participate and donate, more of the important work of organizations can be supported. Our combined efforts reach the 69 communities of the Pioneer Valley—that’s 560,000 adults / 265,000 households!

– We are all part of each other’s lives, and can be a part of making a better future.

– When we join forces, we can meet the needs of the people in it—and support their hopes and dreams.

– Valley Gives 2018 is a 24-hour online giving event that allows individuals to support the good work throughout the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Acting collectively on a single day, people like you can support nonprofit and charitable organizations in Hampshire, Hampden, and Franklin counties that hold a broad range of missions – all focused on our community’s hopes and needs.

– Valley Gives 2018 has a huge impact by supporting the organizations’ work and by enhancing the vibrancy and quality of peoples’ lives—and your life too.

– Since 2012, over $7.2 million has been donated by people just like you. That’s nearly 20,000 donations from across our region, the state, country, and globe—all given to help non-profits in the Pioneer Valley thrive.

– In 2017, more than $1.5 million was raised for over 400 nonprofit organizations.

– Every dollar counts. The average donation for Valley Gives is $25. No gift is too small! Together many small gifts make a big and real impact.

– Valley Gives takes place on May 1, 2018. The 24 hours of giving begins just after midnight, and ends at 11:59:59.

– The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts (CFWM) founded the Valley Gives Initiative in 2012 to create an online “day of giving” – inspiring people to support the many organizations in the Valley who are doing important and powerful work.


– Valley Gives 2018 focuses on causes, rather than organizations. Talk about mission, what you’re doing, and the results of all the hard work of your team. Use stories, pictures, and date. Think about what touches YOU and brings you to work every day. Touch potential donor’s hearts with all the good you’re bringing to the table.

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