Donor Report

If you would like to get the Valley Gives donor report for your organization, here are the steps:

1 .  Log in to Kimbia using your usual email and password

2.  You will see the following screen. IGNORE the warning; you are successfully logged in already.

3. Look to the left for LINKS. Click and then select the middle option for Donation Report. Once selected, this will download a spreadsheet.


A. The spreadsheet has 2 tabs on the bottom – Online are for all your donations through Kimbia; Offline are any donations made by fundholders at the Community Foundation. Taken together, these represent the totality of donations.

B. If you expected a donation from an Advanced Gift and it doesn’t appear there is a chance it was not successfully processed. Advance Gifts may have been made before May 2 but they were processed by the credit card company during early morning of May 2. So if there was a problem with the processing, this charge would not go through and you will not see that donation listed.