Valley Gives Day

Valley Gives Day: Six Years of Deep Generosity

Valley Gives Day, was first launched in 2012 by CFWM to answer the question: “How can we make this Valley the most generous region in the country?”

Valley Gives Day empowered area nonprofits to remain relevant and grow more prosperous during the shift to online giving and fundraising. Each year, CFWM provided participating nonprofits with extensive training and workshops focused on leveraging digital and social media for a successful 24-hour giving day fundraiser. Paired with an energetic, feel-good public relations campaign, Valley Gives Day became a well-known and well-loved event in the Pioneer Valley, bringing together thousands of donors with hundreds of causes, inspiring greater giving and deepening the region’s culture of generosity.

May 1, 2018 marked the sixth and final iteration of Valley Gives Day, which ended on a high note. $1,794,964 was raised from 9,604 individual donors for 408 area nonprofits–an increase of approximately 43% in dollars raised from 2017.


The Future of Valley Gives

Valley Gives was an undeniable home run for our region, and now we look answer the questions “what do nonprofits need now to succeed? What else can we do to encourage our Valley be even more generous, engaged and connected?”. Philanthropy is shifting and evolving as our swiftly changing world does, and we must do the same. Over the remainder of 2018 and through 2019, we are seeking out and integrating innovative strategies and ideas that support our nonprofits and expand the philanthropic groundwork that Valley Gives created, and will announce the next iteration in late 2019.

During this planning time for Valley Gives, CFWM will continue to support area nonprofits through capacity building grants, trainings and other tools. If you’re a nonprofit seeking support, please visit our Non Profit Services page for up-to-date information on our offerings.