Mission Grants

The Community Foundation provides more than $7 million in funding to local students and to nonprofits through our grant and scholarship programs.

We support nonprofits with funding and technical assistance through several grant programs. Some are awarded through an open, competitive grant-application process, others are by invitation only. A substantial amount of CFWM funding reflects advised fund donor recommendations. All grants have a single goal: making life better for all in our region.

Mission: Since our founding in 1991, the Foundation has provided more than $29.8 million in competitive grant support. We do this with the help of local volunteers who make funding decisions for this program.

Mission Grants are popular for nonprofits that seek support for programs and infrastructure.  For 2016, Mission Grants encompasses three types of grant opportunities: Standard, Express, and Critical.

Mission Standard Grants are awarded through a competitive process for new or existing programs or projects (including capital campaigns for 2016) that support an organization’s infrastructure.

Mission Express Grants is an enhanced fast-track option for specific undertakings of a nonprofit.  We are piloting this process in 2015 and 2016 for specific one-time expenditures.

  • For additional information and deadlines for the Mission Standard Grants use the links below.

The Foundation recognizes that there are times when nonprofits may not fit into one of the Mission Grant options noted above. Especially in times of unexpected challenges, CFWM offers a third type of grant:

  • Mission Critical Grants are designed to help a small number of nonprofits respond to unanticipated circumstances for a limited time frame of up to three months.

Contact the Mission Grants Staff

If you have questions about the Mission Grants processes, please contact Sheila Toto, Senior Program Officer, at (413) 732-2858 or grants@communityfoundation.org.