1. How do I submit my preliminary application?

2. Are paper applications available?

3. If I am having trouble completing my application online, what do I do?

4. Does my organization have to be a 501c3?

5. Can I apply if my non-profit uses a separate fiscal sponsor?

6. Can I apply if I have received funding from the CFWM in the past?

7. What counties/towns does the Innovation Grant support?

8. How much funding comes with an Innovation Grant award?

9. May I talk with someone at the CFWM about my application?

10. What can Innovation Grant winners do with the grant money?

11. If my organization is not awarded a CFWM Innovation Grant award, can I get feedback about our application?

12. What can I do if I can’t attend the Innovation Grant Program webinar on September 27th?

13. Are there examples of other CFWM Innovation Grants?

14. What is the Innovation Grant Meet-up?

15. What criteria will be used to score the grant applications?

16. Who will be reviewing my Innovation application?

17. When will Preliminary applicants be notified of their status to move forward with an Innovation Grant application?

18. What is the process for advancing applicants?

19. What are the start and end dates for the Innovation Grant planning process and award money?

20. Are the Preliminary application and the full application both planning phases?

21. Is there any particular focus that CFWM desires for the Innovation grant?

22. Can you apply to Innovation and Mission in the same year?

23. How many grants will be awarded?

24. Please explain your intention not to support private education.

25. Are there restrictions on what the money can be spent on?

26. If we were to hold a focus group of end users, would the results need to be included in the preliminary application or would we simply state the plan to do this and include the final results when/if invited to submit a full application?

27. Would a project involving collaboration between a 501c3 and a city be eligible if the agency is the lead but it is a city initiative?

28. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “testing” and idea with end users during the planning grant period?

29. Is there a guide for our new grant portal?

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