By Invitation Grants

By Invitation Grants: The Community Foundation’s “‘By Invitation” approach is a proactive grant-making opportunity identified by program staff or the Community Foundation to seed or pilot programs which most appropriately match the Foundation’s strategic goals and fit within our grant-making criteria.  By Invitation grants are not for the purpose of supporting nonprofit organizations, soliciting on-going programs, new ideas and opportunities. These types of nonprofit inquiries are addressed through the Community Foundation’s on-going competitive, responsive grantmaking programs.  By Invitation grants are infrequently provided by the Community Foundation and are specifically solicited at the request of Foundation staff or volunteers (Trustees and Distribution Committee members) and must meet this criteria:

  • Direct alignment with Foundation strategy
  • Fit within Distribution Committee and Community Foundation grantmaking priorities that include impact, leverage of funding, opportunity for Community Foundation learning and financial commitment of the potential grantee
  • Quality of project