Strategic Grants

From time to time, we invite organizations to submit a Strategic Grant application. These “by invitation” grants are designed to quickly address important issues facing our region, especially ones that may not be able to be addressed through our ongoing, competitive grant programs.
They are designed to be more flexible and nimble than our traditional grant processes.

Our senior staff identifies, cultivates, and vets these strategic opportunities.  All grants must meet the following criteria:

  • Support strategic relationships with other funders and organizations important to the Foundation’s mission;
  • Align with the Foundation’s strategy and priorities;
  • Promote measurable, community impact;
  • Leverage and/or amplify the Foundations’s funds;
  • Provide opportunities for Foundation and partner learning; and
  • Position and provide visibility of the Foundation in a community leadership role.

Organizations that are invited by our staff to the Strategic Grant process will be asked to submit an online grant application.  We do not tender direct requests for funding through the Strategic Grant process.