Mission Application Questions

Project Profile:

  1. Project Title, County served, Start/End dates of project, project budget and amount requesting.
  2. Project Summary (100 word max) – briefly describe your project and its significance in the Pioneer Valley. Include the number of people to be served and the geography targeted.
  3. Information on your type of request; i.e. Arts/Education, etc. (select from drop-down list).
  4. Population served (select from drop-down list).
  5. Age group (select from drop-down list).
  6. Ethnicity (select from drop-down list).
  7. Gender (select from drop-down list).
  8. Primary collaborators. Be prepared to include letters of collaboration.

Project Narrative:

  1. Project Narrative (100 words max) – explain how this request fits with your organization’s mission.
  2. Need for Project (200 word max).
  3. Project Plan (300 word max).
  4. Personnel (200 word max) – qualifications and roles of personnel associated with the project’s implementation.
  5. Program Outcomes (300 word max) – detail the projected outcomes.
  6. Impact (300 word max) – describe the criteria for success, the desired results of your program and the benefit to the community.
  7. Evaluation (300 word max.) – explain how results will be measured and evaluated.
  8. Funding & Sustainability (200 word max) – detail other funding sources and how you will sustain the project in the future.
  9. If full funding is not received, how will the project be completed? (200 word max).
  10. The Bigger Picture (200 word max) – What distinguishes the proposed project from other similar projects being offered in the Pioneer Valley?

Required financial reports (these reports will need to be uploaded to the application):

  • Operating Budget for the current fiscal year;
  • Prior year financials:
    • Income & Expense Statement for organizations with a gross revenue of less than $200,000;
    • Reviewed Financial Statements for organizations with a gross revenue of $200,000 to $500,000;
    • Most recent Audit for organizations with a gross revenue of over $500,000.
  • For organizations with a gross revenue and support of $200,000 or greater:  If there is a gap year between the Operating Budget and the Reviewed Financial Statements or Audit, please attach an Income and Expense statement for the gap year;
  • For organizations with a gross revenue of less than $200,000, please attach a Balance Sheet.

Additional required information:

  • Structure of your organization
  • Structure of your board
  • Documentation on the 501(c)3 eligibility of the organization
    • A 501(c)3 determination letter will need to be uploaded to the application