Types of Funds

Takes advantage of the Community Foundation’s grantmaking expertise and provides the most flexibility to meet our region’s greatest needs.

Field of Interest
Designates a specific geographic area or a cause to be served (e.g. education, elderly, environment) and uses the competitive grantmaking process to make distributions.

Donor Designated
Designed to provide endowed funds for one or more specific charitable organizations.

Donor Advised
Donors are directly involved and recommend the amount and timing of grants to charitable organizations.

Giving Circles can be supported through our Donor Advised Fund program. To see an example of a Giving Circle in action visit The Art Angels.

Designed to help students defray the cost of higher education. Our Foundation efficiently administers one of the largest community scholarship programs in the nation and makes it easy to grant scholarships to students in the Pioneer Valley.

Agency Funds
Nonprofit organizations establish funds to build their own endowments and take advantage of the Community Foundation’s sophisticated investment and other support services.  Funds can be permanently endowed, with the agency receiving a percentage of the income each year, or advised with the agency directing the distribution of either principal or income.

Planned Giving Instruments
Planned giving strategies can help you make charitable gifts while enjoying tax benefits and preserving economic value for yourself and your loved ones. The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts offers many ways for individuals to benefit our region long into the future through their estate plans.