Stock Transfer Procedure

Any person wishing to donate securities/mutual funds held by a broker, MUST notify Debbie Koske, Director of Donor Services at the Community Foundation at 413-732-2858 with the name of the security/mutual fund being donated, the number of shares, a contact phone number and the charitable fund at the Foundation to be credited with the gift.


  1. Securities held by Broker


Once you have contacted the Foundation, the broker should be contacted by the donor and instructed to transfer the securities to the Foundation as follows:


If you have any questions regarding the transfer of securities, please contact your broker.


  1. Mutual Funds held by Broker


All mutual funds have a separate process.  Please contact Debbie Koske to discuss the easiest way to expedite the transfer.


  1. Transfer from an existing Vanguard account


Please log into your Vanguard account to access the proper forms.  If you have any questions, please contact your Vanguard Service Team member.


If you have any further questions, please contact Debbie Koske

413-732-2858, fax 413-733-8565